Welcome To RIGOP! Meet The Creators Of RIGOP!

I n this section you will have the opportunity to meet the executive directors who stand behind the initiative of creating this website. At RIGOP we appreciate individuality and freedom of speech, our creators have had all that in mind when creating this website so they invite you to contact them if you have anything to say to them about the website or their work. Also, if you would like to join our writing team contact us at info@rigop.org.

Marc Pappas

Executive Director


Marc Pappas is Executive Director of the Party, he is responsible for overseeing all internal Party functions. Duties include managing all outreach efforts with city and town committees, fundraising events planning, candidate building activties, liaison to the Republican National Committee, and overseeing Party media strategy, as Chairman’s liaison to the press.

Lammis J. Vargas

Director of Operations


Lammis J. Vargas is the Director of Operations to the RIGOP.  As Director of Operations, duties include controlling the all day office operations, administrating the statewide electronic Voter Vault program, the scheduling/planning of fundraising events, RNC correspondence/reports and the retooling and design upgrades to the RIGOP website.Lammis also oversee’s the Diversity Outreach including expanding the Party’s presence in immigrant communities around the state, and helping to communicate the Republican platform in those communities.  Vargas, who is of Colombian descent, was born in Providence but raised in Central Falls, graduated from Central Falls High School and is completing a degree at Rhode Island College.  She served as an assistant in the Providence office of former United States Senator Lincoln Chafee from 2005 through January 2007.She served as the vice-president of both the RI Latino Political Action Committee (RILPAC) and the RI Latino Civic Fund and is the past president of the Latin American Student Organization of Rhode Island College.  She is also a member of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly and has recently been appointed to the Juvenile Hearing Board of the city of Pawtucket, RI.