Obamacare 2

“Obamacare” replacement, seems to have divided the US Senate and caused even more frictions lately. Just last Monday, Senator Mike Lee of Utah and Jerry Moran of Kansas, announced that they would leave the Republican Party precisely over the dispute for “Obamacare”.

The efforts which were made to replace “Obamacare” and that were strongly backed by the President Donald Trump, seemed to send senators out of the ruling party. The senators seemed to agree that supporting Mitch McConnell in the proposed legislation opposed their personal views and they announced their opposition of the bill presented just last Thursday.

What Will Replacing Obamacare Do?

Obamacare LogoWell, first of all the replacement of the current program is not that easy or simple and it could in fact leave millions of people without any insurance. On the other hand, McConnell’s proposed bill also does not seem to repeal the Affordable Care Act but also it does not address the rising costs of health care. Moran expressed his concerns for the version of this and previous bill and therefore stated that he could not support this version of the bill.

The Main Problem

Many senators seems to agree that the current solution is not a perfect one, however replacing it with something more effective seems to be mission impossible. Senator Lee added that repealing all of the taxes for Obamacare will still not reduce the premiums sufficiently for the middle-class. In addition to that, he also expressed the concern for not creating space to change Obamacare regulations which are most expensive. All of this affects the people and their attitude towards the ruling party and current president. While the care for everyone should be available, it is currently not like that and the people of middle and lower class experience this first hand. The care issue is currently one of the most dominant topics in politics of the USA and hopefully the experts in the Senate will find an appropriate solution that will benefit the people and the States.