what is next

Many people are wondering what kind of an effect the current president will make on the global situation and the situation in the US. Many of our readers are also curious, wondering whether a marketing and business mogul could take care of all of our as well as world issues? Will this be a solution that we have all been waiting, hoping and praying for?

As with all presidential candidates, we have been led to believe they will do much when they finally come to office. But many times as before, even though their promises seem uplifting, the reality can be a lot more complicated and of course different. On the first day of office, in his presidential campaign, the current president Trump promised that we will tear up the deal with Iran, and of course begin to repeal and replace the health care program, which was named after its creator the previous president – Obamacare. The first day in office was a disappointment for all the voters, however, that does not mean that President is not inclined to solving these issues in the future. What it does show is that things are probably not as simple as he would thought them to be, before stepping into these big shoes and the Oval Office.

Six months into his presidential mandate and the Iran deal is still not abandoned, should the voters feel cheated on?


Even though the decision of the administration did not formally severed the deal with Iran, it is still said to frustrate Mr. Trump to not be able to do so. Instead, the deal is enforced by new sanctions on Iran in order to prevent Iran supporting terrorism and other similar activities that could destabilize the region and the rest of the world. European partners also play a vital role in the deal and sanctions, but they also strive to apply a broader tactics of politics and influence the surrounding region as well, putting pressure on Teheran to prevent the spread of terrorism.

And What About Obamacare?

President Trump still has another burning issue in his office, and that is the Obamacare. Even though he was stating something else in his campaign, this issue has still not been finally resolved. In several interviews President stated that he would let the Obamacare fail, with only one goal in mind, and that is to reform it with the help of fellow Republicans. In other words, when Obamacare fails, Democrats will have to turn to Republicans for help, which could very well mean that the results of the overall health care for US citizens could benefit the both political currents. We hope that this solution will be what we have been hoping for.