Usa and Russia

The summit of the world leaders happened just last Wednesday, when the USA President, Donald Trump met in an undisclosed conversation with Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia. This is the second meeting of the two presidents, who briefly spoke at G-20 summit meeting in Hamburg, Germany earlier this month. However, this meeting was brief and considered a normal part of their presidential duties. The brief conversation at the end of the dinner also stirred rumors that there have been a second, secret meeting between two presidents. Both Russian and USA offices denied that a secret meeting took place. The White House issued a statement that called such allegations ‘malicious and absurd’, insinuating that the White House has tried to conceal or hide a secret meeting, while Alexei Pushkov, chairman of the information policy at the upper house of Russian parliament said that multiple U.S. news were reporting of “a secret conversation that didn’t happen”.

The formal conversation however, also included the presence of many other world leaders and it could be disputable whether a conversation which is a part of their regular presidential duties can be considered to be a meeting.

putin obamaIt is also disputed that the U.S. President confronted the Russian President about the cyberattacks that influenced the election process in favor of Trump, however President Putin denied this and similar allegations. There is no public record of the private conversation of the two presidents, however. Also Ian Bremmer, the president of the Eurasia Group notices that the atmosphere at the dinner was weird with the U.S. President trying to leave the impression that he was in much better relationship with President Putin than other parties at the event. It was also noted that during their second conversation, the U.S. President was not joined by his translator, which is a breach of national security protocol. However, this was explained by the fact that the American translator who accompanied Trump did not speak Russian, so the two presidents used Putin’s translator in order to speak to each other. Even though this meeting might be considered to be a secret meeting that actually breached security protocol, the statement issued by the White House explained that: “It is not merely perfectly normal, it is part of a President’s duties, to interact with world leaders.”