Even after the seven-year long struggle to make health care available to everyone, the Republican president finally make the final decision on the Obama’s signature achievements in his career as a president. As we find out the Republican President, Mr. Trump revealed that his plan is to “let Obamacare fail”.

It is also expected that after this course of events, Democrats will seek to work on a plan together with the Republicans and that they will together bury the Affordable Care Act. This plan has many downsides, mainly because it will affect the American health coverage. The attempt to make free health care for everyone is failing as we speak but is there much we could do to prevent it from happening?

On the other hand, it is expected that the Senate Republicans do no support the Obama health care suggestion and that they control the Hose and the Senate that makes these decisions. The 50 senators that cannot agree on this topic is clearly a very difficult situation that makes this legislation difficult to get into the law.

trumpMany also claim that many Americans, the majority of citizens, have some sort of health care and that the out of the pockets costs for the low income people are actually the main concern. The companies that cover the insurers assure us that the higher the funding, the lower the rates will be to the insurance that they will have to pay. All of this has definitely made a long term result on the insurance companies who are waiting to see what kind of the decision the Senate will make.

It is definitely for the best for the future of our country that the Republicans take a constructive approach, as they promised. This means that not all health care that Obama started will be destroyed as President Trump announced, but rather that it will involve the stabilization of the health insurance market. All of this will also influence the premiums and we will have senators representing their countries make sure that all insurers have what they take to provide for the people.

Health care is important in America, but it is difficult to even envision how this process will take on from here. We can just hope that Senate and President Trump will act in the best interest of the people making sure that everyone has a right to get treated and maintain their health.