election day

Just last Sunday The Wall Street Journal reported that the voter registration system was attacked almost 150,000 times on the very day of the Elections last November. The attacks were thought to be performed by automated bots. Also, earlier this year it was brought to the attention of the public that election systems were attacked in 21 states even a couple of weeks before the election!

What Do The Experts Have To Say?

Experts from Homeland Security have stated that the attacks were deliberate and aimed at stealing personal data. This of course means that the event which happened just before the election is a critical part of the election process and that it was the case with not just one state, but 21 state. This is definitely the problem of national security and infrastructure.

Was It An Act Of Terrorism?

This act could definitely be looked at as an act of terrorism. However, the faith we have in the self-government of this country is also being tested with this act. Since an act like this can happen in peacetime, we can only imagine its consequences. We, as people, cannot claim that democracy is ruined and destroyed forever in this country, but it has definitely changed and for the worse for all that is worth. This almost looks like an experiment that could show what it takes to make people react on this and similar acts. This and similar acts also ruin our sense of security in the election process, as well as our beliefs in democracy. Terrorism is just another part of this story, but in order to face it we have to talk about it. This act was almost overlooked by the general public, which is definitely the worse aspect of the whole situation. Had there been any publicity concerning this act, it would have definitely affected the results of the election.

cyber attack

Could The Result Of Election Be Tampered With?

This is definitely a possibility, however no one could claim that with utmost security. All we know for now that the results of the elections were embraced by the general public this means that for the most part people are satisfied with the election process and election results. Certainly, there are those who did not support the results of the election, but it is the case with almost all election processes. We have to face the fact that the results are not exactly as reliable as the general public would want them to be.

What Did The Government Have To Say About These Cyber Attacks?

The government did not seem to pay any attention to the cyber-attacks, nor did they comment on them, all we can do now is speculate why this is the case. Perhaps they have finally realized that the cyber-attacks pose no threat to the election process, or they wanted to tone down the entire situation. Whatever the reason, we firmly believe that our country is doing what is best for all of us.