Political events in the Bay Area

Learn more about the upcoming political events that could interest you

Political events in the Bay Area

Health and housing Events

Health and housing EventsThis event will be hosted by the Democratic Socialists of America-Peninsula in order to improve housing conditions. It is expected that a chapter meeting takes place from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. You can confirm your presence online via email just contact peninsuladsa@gmail.com or visit the event at Unite Here Local 2, 209 Highland Ave., Burlingame

The Upcoming Climate Forum Event

If you want to do something about the climate changes and engage yourself in political activities that will help change and shape our future, you are more than welcome to join the upcoming climate forum event that will help us discuss environmental changes and talk and discuss more this subject. The climate changes can have a huge negative impact on carbon emissions and we hope to take some environmental actions that will help us reduce the negative effect of the carbon emission. This event about climate that is expected to attract both people who are engaged in politics as well as those who are interested in doing something for the environment will take place in San Francisco, at the Hawthorn Room at the Golden Gate Club, 135 Fisher Loop. The event is scheduled for 8 am and will last up to 10 am.

Health Events Is San Francisco Area

In Bay Area you can also engage in health care political activities and events. The upcoming projection of the health care film is scheduled for next Monday at 7 pm. The screening for Now Is The Time – Healthcare for Everybody will definitely give you a better perspective on this political subject. Also, at the every event we will have the opportunity to discuss this relevant topic with many political representatives of both Republicans and Democrats. Since this is a topic that concerns all of us, it is necessary that people are well-informed on this topic and know all relevant information about health care and how they can get them appropriate health care.