Does politics really affect our pockets as well? Well, of course it does. The choice of our political leaders in fact affect all reality, including our money. But, how much do we really know about the money dealings that is involved in politics and why does the money matters so much in the last election process? Read to find out more.

It is believed that the current Republican president has ties with Russia, that are, apart from being political, also monetary. The bank records do in fact show, that Russian investors are present in East Europe, but also through accounts in New York and San Francisco banks. What also raises alarm for political wakefulness is the fact that the president never claimed to be as rich as he was portrayed through his narcissistic self-image. This all leads people to believe that he obtained loans from overseas, and more importantly made monetary connections with Russia, right before he was elected President. All of this might have never been revealed, were the circumstances different and had he not become President.

Where Did The Money Go?

money questionMany people read this and similar stories with disbelief, mainly because of the portrayal of Trump in the media. Even though he is portrayed as a successful businessman, looks can be deceiving. It is quite probable that his politics were affected by his bank account, and being that there is sufficient allegations that he was working with Russian investors, we can only conclude that he maintained his business connections in his presidential era as well. But this does not have to be a bad thing either. Perhaps a new era is coming with collaboration with the Russians. Since the current president is leading a stable economy, it is safe to say that our country is in good hands.

What Will Happen With Health Care?

Health care in USA is still one of the most burning topics in politics. We still cannot say with certainty what the outcome will be for the Obamacare project that was started in the last office. The current office with Trump in charge will definitely make some changes in this project and it is not expected to continue on the same trajectory on which it had initially started. However, it can also be said with certainty, that since Democrats started this process and Republicans will finish it, the collaboration might be the key we have been looking for here. The collaboration between two currents in politics and the compromise between the both sides might very well give the best results, and the results that we wanted to get out of health care. There are many things to keep in mind when making decisions like this, because they will affect the general public and many of them have no means of health care other than relying on the state. We have to make sure all people get the same treatment which is necessary and that we put humanity first.