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Welcome to the Rhode Island Republican Party’s website! It is our hope that this website will help Republicans and other like-minded individuals become more familiar with the news and issues effecting the State of Rhode Island. We hope to bring you current news about politics and everything you needed to know that concerns laws and legislations that are currently voted.

The primary mission of the Rhode Island Republican Party is to recruit and elect Republican legislative, statewide and congressional candidates. We work in concert with local Republican Parties and grassroots organizations to identify and train successful, civic-minded individuals to run for, and win, elective office.

Rhode Island

We also aim to inform people about the latest news and things that might interest them if they are into law or politics. Many of our readers come from different political and social backgrounds and we cherish the diversity of our readers. We also aim to give them a comprehension of the current news and latest events that take place in the USA. Even though this website was founded by the Republican party, the news and articles that you will be able to read on this website will try not to be biased towards any political current or support certain political opinion, but rather to give facts that might interest the broader public and inform them about the latest events. We appreciate all our readers and would like to invite everyone to read our articles and stories.

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