The Commonest Fishing Mistakes That You Should Avoid
Common Mistakes For Fishing

Whether you think of big game fishing tackle, the location or actual prey, you have to know that nothing is perfect. Sometimes, despite all your efforts and goodwill, bad things happen.

But, there are mistakes that you should avoid when you go for fishing. Every angler knows that some things can cost him a catch as well as his adventure, so we will present the commonest mistakes that every angler should know. Therefore, please take a look and try to avoid these.

Starting without a plan

A lot of people think that fishing is all about preparing the gear, coming to a place and casting the rod. However, it is far away from that. Before you go, make sure to analyze the water and area you plan to visit. This means that you will identify the fish you will be catching and therefore, you will know what baits you will eventually need.

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Also, you can decide on the type of rods that you need, its size and accessories that you might need. So, in a nutshell, develop a strategy and plan so you could organize your equipment and come prepared for any potential problem.

The wrong hook

Not all hooks are good for all species of fish. But, one thing that all hooks have in common is that all of them should stay sharp as blunt hooks will not keep the fish. Now, to know the right hook, you need to know the type of fish you will catch so you could prepare the right hook. Small species can go with 8 size hook, while the bigger fish need 5/0 size.

Also, consider the bait you will be using as not all hooks can go with all the lures and baits.

Worn-out line

The worst thing you can do is to leave one line and use it for years. The rule is to change it every while now and then as it can lose quality over time. The most common problem is when you break it due to tangling to a rock or wood. Regardless of the equipment you use, the worn out line will bring you no results.

t Fishing Mistakes That You Should Avoid
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So, before you buy any other piece of equipment, make sure you have a brand new line. Also, make sure you replace it regularly to have the biggest chances for success as the worn out lines can bring the frustration only.

Weak knots

One of the first things you should learn in fishing is to tie a knot. Without a good knot, you will not be able to catch a fish as you will lose your hooks and bobbers all the time. Generally, there are 5 types of knots: snell, improved clinch, loop, palomar and uni knot.

Palomar’s, uni’s and improved clinch’s are the most used ones, so try to learn how to make those first. Remember, the better knot you make, the more power your equipment will have and will be able to sustain breaking the lines.