russian pawn

So far, we have witnessed many accounts that seem to claim that the Republican President seems to be too closely attached to Russian President and their government. So far, the Republicans in Congress did not make a question of out this matter, but when will this change? And if soon, what will be the moment when the Republicans finally go against President Trump?

The Republicans, so far, have not been against President, but as the evidence of working closely with the Russians seem to accumulate even the Democrats call for action. For months, there have been accusations that Trump and Putin are working together closely behind closed doors, but at the same time the White House seems to deny these allegations and turn them down as false. It is also stated that the two presidents have only democratic ties, when there have been many accounts of showing otherwise. What is concerning, however, is the fact that there have been these rumors for months and that they manage to survive even after such a long time.

What Do The Republicans Say?

republicanMany of the Congressmen seem to turn these rumors down to malicious press, stating that they are false. Many Republicans also see all this negative publicity as just one more way to undermine Trump and remove him from office. Truth be told, since Republicans are finally in office after Democrats being there for such a long time, it is normal that they are not willing to believe that the President is working for any country other than our own.

Where Do Duties Begin And End?

Of course it is the presidential duty to meet with other presidents and discuss political matters, but behind closed doors? At the latest G-20 meeting in Hamburg, the two presidents allegedly talked behind closed doors with just one translator. This is of course a breach of the national security protocols, but as President Trump’s translator only spoke Japanese, the only available translator was President Putin’s translator who was used by both parties. The White House seems to have denied and thrown away any allegations that this was a breach of protocol, briefly stating that it is a presidential duty. However, the people could also ask themselves where does this duty begin and where does it end? In the end, if collaboration between the two presidents will bring peace and prosperity to the USA and the world, what harm could it make?