caitlyn jenner

Seems like celebrities are rushing to Senate seats with great enthusiasm! Just recently well-known musician Kid Rock expressed the possibility of running for Senate in Michigan in a tweet, only to be followed by a radio declaration of a celebrity gender activist and a former Olympic gold medalist Caitlyn Jenner with a similar statement. Jenner said in the mentioned radio interview to her New York audience that she is looking forward to running for Senate in California.

What Does Caitlyn Jenner Wish To Accomplish?

jennerIn the interview with John Catsimatidis, Jenner expressed her belief that she could contribute to many problems in politics and accomplish more working in the center of the political scene. The desire this activist recently expressed was followed by support from many Republicans as well as transgender and LGBT community. The current California Senate member, Dianne Feinstein, has just recently turned 84 and failed to mention future plans for 2018 re-election. Jenner is also the supporter of the Republican party, as well as the current president. Jenner has been inclined to the Republicans for years, but her relationship with Trump has had its ups and downs, when at one point Trump ended Obama-era which allowed transgender students to use the public bathrooms of their chosen gender. Jenner also firmly states that she has firm Republican views and that as a trans person could convince Republicans to change their views. Precisely because Jenner is in this specific situation, she might just as well be the link which we have needed to bring society together. In her own admission, Jenner stated that many Republicans say that they have never met a trans person and that after sitting at the table together she (Jenner) “can change people’s minds.” This is definitely an opportunity that we could explore in order to show a different side of the Republican party and supporters and connect better as a society. Strong and intelligent people such as Jenner might be just what we need in order to bring people together and create a society full of understanding.